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The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quick, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.


About Us

Mapon Inc. is a Florida based startup developing a web based and mobile hybrid app solution to the B2C community. We’ve taken an innovative and interactive approach to GPS by providing en route deals, discounts, and promotions to drive consumers to local businesses.


The Consumer

The infrastructure of our application was developed to eliminate the friction often voiced in our competitor’s consumer insight.

Support Local Merchant Initiative


Enabling Digital Marketing

The recent pandemic severely impacted our global economy. Many small- to medium-size businesses had to adapt to keep the doors open, while enduring this unprecedented domino effect. As a result, we’ve seen smaller companies make technology decisions quickly, while rethinking how to use digital tools to revitalize marketing efforts -not only to overcome roadblocks, but to stay ahead of the curve.

To Groupon or Not to Groupon?

In an August 2010 cover story, Forbes called two-year-old Groupon the "Latest Growing Company Ever" and its success has spawned a series of me-too competition


Reported Groupon

over 40%

wouldn't run a Groupon
offer again

A study conducted by Rice University's Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business found that 66 percent of the 150 businesses surveyed reported that Groupon promotions are profitable. However, more than 40 percent of the organizations said that they wouldn't run a Groupon offer again.

Social - Local - Mobile Trends

Studies show 2/3 of holiday shoppers would make a purchase from mobile discounts, text alerts, gift cards of loyalty points

That's an Increase form the 32% that responded positively last year.


of users would use a mobile device to find a product review


of users would use a mobile device to research deals and coupons


of users would use a mobile device to compare prices


of users would use a mobile device to find a store location

Businesses who want to stay on top of the digital couponing trends need to focus on this set: So-Lo-Mo.

Present & Future:

How social networks have changed the game

The rise in coupon use started in October of 2008, coinciding with news of the U.S financial crisis.

The increase in redemption goes hand-in-hand with an increase in distribution

Despite the fight economy, marketers invested heavily in coupons boosting the number available to the highest level in over 30 years.

Online coupons also contributed to the rise in coupon distribution and redemption, with internet distribution up 92% and consumer redemption of these coupons up over 360%.


Value Proposition

Marketers and advertisers are anxiously investing in mobile and with the current state of the landscape set so low, our strategic platform is ensured to stagger the market. We recognize that everything is moving to mobile; print, TV and radio advertising are becoming obsolete; majority of consumers religiously spend their time engaging with mobile devices. Market stats prove mobile devices are used to search and compare before and during shopping, in fact, many do not even see the in-store ads, because they are so engaged on their phones.

For Consumers

For Merchants


Coupon users are
spending 24%

Discounts and Coupons

Six in Ten


Top 5 categories Millennials seek coupons in

Household Items

Top 5 categories Millennials seek coupons in





50.8% of redeemed coupons are non-food related, while 49.2% are food related.




Social Media

Share to Save Program

Our unique Share To Save initiative is a comprehensive and incentive-based solution designed to reward participants in exchange for high value action. Examples include-promoting redemptions on social media feeds, submitting reviews, referrals, and repeat purchases. To spark enthusiasm, we’ve implemented a variable ratio reward schedule with contingencies. This scientifically proven technique generates a a steady and continuous flow of activity from users mitigating pauses that give users the to explore other adversaries.


Seed Funding


We are asking for $2 million in funds for the development of our product, to hire new staff, and to launch a powerful marketing campaign.


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What does our App
help you with?

A simple yet powerful CRM tool for retailers to easily execute, track and manage engaging promotional campaigns within minutes.

Top of the line GPS trajectory with clean user interface that provides extreme coordinate accuracy.